Friday, June 17, 2011

Debian 6 Squeeze and GNOME 3

I tryed the GNOME 3 Live CD and I have to say that it looks realy nice!

I thought, I must have it on my laptop on my Debian!

Do not start without making a backup of all your data! It is a must, you never know what it could happen! ;)

Just replace all the "squeeze" and "stable" words in your /etc/apt/source.list with "wheey", add some experimental repository and you are ready to start installing GNOME 3! Yeahhh...
$ sudo aptitude -t experimental install gnome3-session
Just say "Yes" to all dependencies download/remove/upgrade advice/suggestion!

Fill your moka with coffee and water, turn on the cooker and then get a coffee.
If you like you can add some milk belong with some cookies!

Once your done with the coffee and your system is totaly compromised (I didn't say fucked up), grab your Debian 6 CD/DVD, put it in your optical drive and enjoy Debian 6 with a wonderfull GNOME 2.32!

Remember why you chose Debian, stability over all, otherwise you would have chosen Ubuntu!

I'm very sorry Debian for being such a maroon!


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