Tuesday, October 15, 2013


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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Reviewing JBoss Weld CDI for Java Platform

Here it is:

The book provides a very good introduction to Weld, which is the reference implementation of the Java specification for Contexts and Dependency Injection (named JSR 299).

The book starts from the beginning with Java Beans, going through all their customization, giving the reader the right path to understand how Weld can help you. From the second chapter to the end of the book, there are plenty of real use-case about how to boost your development using Weld.

The book goes through Dependency-Injection to all kind annotations used to define a bean properly, how you can "produce" beans via methods or fields, how you can "consume" beans; differences between all bean's scopes and life cycle.
And more, how you can use Weld to make Interceptors and Decorators, how to install Weld within JBoss AS, Glassfish and Apache Tomcat, handle and fire events within the container.

Most of the code examples in JBoss Weld CDI for Java Platform are worth the book, especially those ones in the final two chapters. You will build an entire application, a book store!
Furthermore the book references to some changes that will be included in the next version of CDI 1.1.

Even if the book is not that long (just over 100 pages - it is a book about one specification, NOT the entire JavaEE platform) it is focused and easy reading.

I recommend this book both for beginners and expert developers/architects.