Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Review: Nginx Module Extension

Hi all,
after reading two books about the excellent Nginx, Mastering Nginx and Nginx HTTP Server - Second Edition,
it was the turn to read Nginx Module Extension.

which can be found here.

So, here is the review.
First of all, keep in mind the book is 100 pages of contents (which leads to 129 of everything).

I'm reviewing this book after reading 2 good book about Nginx, which are "Mastering Nginx" and "Nginx HTTP Server - Second Edition".

Let's begin.
The book is divided into 5 chapters: first 3 are just about installing and configuring core and HTTP modules.
Those 3 chapters are a good recap, but I do think they are not necessary for the audience of this book.
If I'm getting this book is to deal with modules and how to extend them and how to write my own modules.

Chapter number 4 is about third-party libraries.
More precisely: PostgreSQL, MySQL (aka drizzle-server), Digest Authentication, Page Speed, Lua scripting, GeoIP, Healthcheck Module, Loadbalancing.
Every module is described with its directives
The Lua scripting module was quite interesting and surprising. I didn't test it, but I'll give a try ASAP.

Finally, in chapter 5, last one, you will learn how to write a Nginx Module Extension. Bear in mind, you may don't know but C background is needed to fully understand and test the examples.

Having that said, the book overall wasn't that bad, but as the title is very specific, I would have preferred a book just about how to write modules. The number of pages do not matter if contents are clear, focused and you get what you expect.


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